Business Policy

Purchase Orders

All orders should be placed on the Plantix Partner app. If you need any assistance, your designated Sales personnel can also place orders on your behalf which you can cancel or edit. Plantix conducts business strictly on a “No Returns” basis, unless you receive a written confirmation as an exception.


All payment related information can be found within the app. Follow these steps to add any payment:

  1. 1.Click on the More icon in the bottom right corner of the home page.
  2. 2.Select Orders, Payments and Statements option.
  3. 3.Go to payments tab, Click on Add Payment button.
  4. 4.Select the preferred payment mode and continue with the payment.

Note: To make a bank deposit, find the Plantix Partner official bank account details under Bank Deposit payment mode. Please make RTGS / NEFT / IMPS transfers only to this account.

Credit Limit

As a policy, all our business is conducted on a Cash and Carry basis. If a customer would like, we are able to arrange Credit Limits for them through our NBFC Partner, the requirements for which are mentioned underneath. Also mentioned underneath is the Terms and Conditions of using this Credit Limit.

Credit Limit Requirements list - include everything incl. cheque/ NACH, etc.

Pre Sanction Documents:
  1. 1.Aadhar Card - Image of front & backside is required
  2. 2.PAN Card - Front side is required of original ID
  3. 3.GST Certificate/Number
  4. 4.Bank Statement - Trailing 12 months
  5. 5.Client's email ID
  6. 6.Client’s phone number
  7. 7.Photograph of Client (Selfie)

* If there are co-applicants in any case then we need a Partnership Certificate and partners documents.

Post Sanction Documents:
  1. 1. Signed Loan Agreement
  2. 2.Signed & Stamped NACH document or E-Nach
  3. 3.Bank Account

Credit Limit T&C:
In order to repay against the credit limit, clients need to pay Plantix/Lender directly. In case clients default, NBFC partner reserve the right to recover through NACH mandates. If NACH mandates/ Cheques bounce, each bounce would attract an INR 500 + GST penalty.

Promotional Schemes

From time to time, we run certain promotional schemes for our customers. As per the current scheme, we incentivize customers as per schemes mentioned underneath. Verbal commitment given by any of our employees is not valid and the company will not be binding for such nature of claims.
1) Activation scheme incentive scheme
2) Transportation scheme

Invoice Value and Pricing

  • Plantix will raise invoices with reference to GST number provided by you. In case of any errors / changes in GST number on invoice, please inform our team in writing along with a valid GST certificate within 2 days from the receipt of invoice.

  • No cash and material transaction will be allowed with any Plantix employee. Any cash transaction done by you shall be at your own personal responsibility and cannot be claimed from the company.

  • Any queries regarding invoice value should be communicated within 7 days of receipt of invoice post which no changes will be entertained on invoice.

  • Pricing on the platform changes on a daily basis. The invoicing value will be considered on the plantix partner app order value. Plantix won't be responsible for any gains or losses on product prices in case price changes in future.

Product Defects

Plantix takes utmost care while sending the products to our customers. In case any packing defect arises then such should be raised while receiving the products with proper photograph of damages. Images of both the product receiving and damage photographs should be sent to the concerned salesperson on the day of receiving the products post which Plantix won't entertain any kind of request for product damages.

Product Quality

Plantix ensures that it is selling the best quality products in the market. Plantix does not take any liabilities arising from issues of germination and crop damage as Plantix is not manufacturing any such products and is acting as sole distributor of those products from the company. This said, Plantix will assist the retailer in getting help from the manufacturing company to handle the issues appearing at farmer's end.

Contact us

For any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding Plantix Business Policy, feel free to write us at or call on +91 8770272782