A sophisticated agricultural input retailer in a plaid shirt stands in his shop with a smartphone. He looks happy.

The Digital Partner for Indian Agri-Retailers

Get all agri-input products directly from brands at net rates.

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An Agri-Input dealer holds his mobile and leans smilingly over his counter. He holds a phone in his hand. To his right, there are two app screens. Below him, there is the Plantix Partner logo and a slogan stating: The one stop solution for agri-retailers in India.

What you get from us...

Access to a wide range of products

  • Over 500 agricultural products from 40+ brands
  • Seeds, pesticides, micro nutrients and agricultural equipment

Transparent pricing

  • Know all net landing rates!
  • See your schemes applied right away!

Easy payment and business management

  • Avail credit line easily
  • Online and offline payment

Demand generation

  • Get farmer orders through the app.
  • Become part of the Plantix Network!
An agri-input dealer holds his mobile and leans smilingly over his counter. In the background, there is a full shelf of various agricultural products.

Become a Plantix Partner

From now on, you no longer have to call all the different distributors of each company to get good products at reasonable prices.

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Easy business with Plantix Partner

A virtual shopkeeper holds a large magnifying glass in his hand, pointing to two over-proportioned smartphone screens displaying the product variety of the agricultural online shop.

Quick Access

  • Find all types of agricultural products within seconds!
  • Simply search your product by brand, disease name or chemical!
  • You immediately know if the product is available!
A smartphone with a discount icon displays a cart with an applied quantity discount. A virtual shopkeeper is standing next to it. He waves a bundle of cash that he saved due to this discount and holds the agricultural input chemical he ordered in his hand.

Open Pricing

  • Get quantity discounts and schemes directly from the brands!
  • Know the final price before you place your order.
  • See the final net landing rates of each product!
An ordered package is flying towards a happy shopkeeper. Next to him a smartphone displays a number of payment options from which UPI transfer is selected.

Easy Transactions

  • You can make safe and fast payments directly in the app with UPI.
  • It’s also super easy to request a credit line and pay later!
  • See all your invoices and shipping details at a glance.

How do we bring farmer orders to you?


An illustration of a farmer standing in a rice field and scanning his crops for diseases with the Plantix app on his phone. Plantix recommends him a product to control this problem.

1.Image Recognition

The Plantix app for farmers –2.5 crore downloads– identifies crop pests and recommends pest control products.


An agricultural equipment retailer at his counter receiving a product enquiry from a farmer via his Plantix Partner app.

2.Product Request

Farmers can request products from shops in proximity to solve their problem through the app.


A farmer gets location points displayed on his smartphone in order to find a suitable agri-shop in his area.

3.Trade Match

If you have a matching product, the customer will be sent to your shop with all the necessary information.

A satisfied farmer, joyfully leaves an agri-shop with the product he needed. A retailer holds up a product and a bundle of saved money. In the background, a delivery of agricultural supplies arrive.

We deliver you top brands

A smiling woman in a churidar stands in front of a paddy field that stretches to the horizon. Palm trees grow in the background and a mountainous landscape shows through clouds that sweeps across the sky.