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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of Plantix Partner Dukaan?

  • Join the biggest online farming community in India to receive more farmer orders.
  • Build your online business presence and stay ahead of the competition with a professional online store and excellent service.
  • Get detailed product information and offer a better service to farmers in your community.
  • Increase your farmer orders by showing the best prices and new products.
  • Earn loyalty points on every order. You can redeem your points with the Plantix Partner app for great discounts on your next purchase.

Is Plantix Partner Dukaan free of cost?

Yes, Plantix Partner Dukaan is completely free! It is a free hosting and commission-free website, and we would like to keep it that way, free and with no hassle.

Why is Plantix Partner Dukaan free?

Plantix Partner Dukaan is free because we are dedicated to helping agri-retailers and farmers grow. Our mission is to connect small-scale farmers and independent retailers in one digital ecosystem with customised solutions, reliable products and trusted services.

What is the Plantix ecosystem?

The Plantix ecosystem is a network of small-scale farmers and independent agri-retailers who care about the secure and sustainable future of Indian farming. We want to bridge the existing gaps in agriculture, create a strong community, and digitally connect agri-retailers straight to farmers.

Creating more Partner Dukaans would help build our digital Plantix ecosystem where:

  • Small-scale farmers get the best-trusted products at fair prices based on professional service from retailers to save their crop problems and increase their yields.
  • Independent agri-retailers get support to increase their sales by providing the best expert advice and service to their farmers.
  • Plantix drives a digital change for sustainable agriculture and generates profit only from wholesales between distributors and retailers from our Plantix Partner App.

Do I need any license or permission to create an online shop?

The Retailer license and Principle certificates of the products are required. Please be aware that it is your responsibility for adding legally correct products to your inventory.

What are Loyalty points, and how can I redeem them?

You will earn Plantix loyalty points on every order placed on your Partner Dukaan.\nFor example: If you get an order worth Rs. 5,00,000, you will earn an equivalent amount of loyalty points. This means you will get 5,00,000 Plantix Loyalty points.

What is the value of loyalty points?

You will get 1% discount on the bill equivalent to your loyalty points. If your loyalty points are higher than your bill value, only equivalent loyalty points will be considered. The remaining number will be the balance points that can be used in the future.

You can redeem all your loyalty points on the Plantix Partner app website.

How can I be sure my customer base is safe?

Creating your Plantix Partner Dukaan will help you build your customer base as you’ll be able to serve your customers anywhere and at any time. At Plantix, we want us to grow together. We will provide all agri-retailers with agricultural expert advice for farmers based on farming data in their area.

This will help and protect farmers from overspending, giving them the right product that is perfect for their individual needs and right for the environment. We want to create a circular system of trust and knowledge sharing, in order to create environmentally and economically sustainable farming.

How safe is my data?

The Plantix Partner Dukaan website has the SSL Certificate with SHA-256 / RSA Encryption, providing perfectly safe encryption for all data and secure sign-in.

What do I need to do to set up my free online shop?

Click the “Get a free online shop” button and fill out your details so we can start setting up your online Dukaan.

How long does it take to set up a shop?

You will receive a link for your pre-populated online shop within 24hrs.

Who do I contact for help?

A Customer Care Agent (CCA) will assist you with all your questions within 24 hours. Your allocated CCA will call you to provide support for your online shop set-up. You can also schedule a call at your convenience. Our team speaks English, Hindi, Telugu and Marthi. If you need help in your language, please notify your CCA. They are here to help you set up your Partner Dukaan so you can start selling straight away.

How can I cancel my Plantix Partner Dukaan?

Call us on the numbers listed above or write us a mail to, and we will cancel your account straight away.

Partner Dukaan makes online business a breeze.